King 4 Life Publications

Editing Services

My goal is to help you create the best quality manuscript, at the most affordable prices. Whatever document you’ve made, we want to make it the best of its kind! Sending us your completed work electronically for free, saves you time, extra money and the hassles of worrying if it got there yet!

We’ll help you with spelling, grammar (dialect for the character) and formatting. Reducing your mistakes, taking the wordiness out of sentences, what to include or leave out, is a big deal and we’ll help you clarify your work while still getting your message across. We’ll also offer comments and suggesting’s about your manuscript, to help you really put a shine on it!!!

Your manuscript is as important to us as it is to you! We will not, sell, copy, transfer information to another party (except for printing purposes), for any reason without first your consent!!! Your information will be strictly confidential from start to finish! If need be, we’ll be happy to sign your nondisclosure agreement on any work!

Your judgment and vision will always be of the most important to us, as well the success of your work. Feel free to include any concerns or instructions when you submit your work. Thank you in advance for believing in us.

Our price is $300.00 per every 25,000 words.
Less than 25,000 words will be prorated. LET US HELP YOU CREATE A BEST SELLER TODAY!